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FanMix March 04, 2022 2722
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This was an extremely enjoyable fan edit to watch. Having seen all three of these movies several times, and with a deep love for Unbreakable since it came out, I was blown away by the merging of Split into the narrative of Unbreakable. The time jumps were handled so well that no title cards were needed.

As other reviewers have mentioned there were some very minor potholes, but they were in fact so minor that I didn't notice them until I read about them from another review. In that sense for me they didn't exist, and even after knowing about them they don't bother me.

Seeing new scenes mixed in with Unbreakable was really a treat. I had the DVD as a young teen and I loved watching the deleted scenes, so to see them so smoothly incorporated into the narrative here was really fantastic.

My only problem with this edit is the ending (having not seen SUG yet). It felt a bit abrupt, even though I really like the idea of ending the edit on David carrying his wife to bed in the afterlife. Maybe the credits scene with the clandestine organization could go in the mid-credits instead of the post-credits? It's a pretty important plot point that some people may miss. As it was when the credits started rolling I could help feeling unsatisfied. There was just a little more to the story that would have rounded it out perfectly for me.

All of this is to say that this is a monumental success! It actually managed to redeem Glass for me, which after the incredible movies that were Unbreakable and Split felt like a letdown. I have to compliment you on your great great work, and I will be viewing SUG soon!

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Owner's reply November 19, 2023

Tnanks for that...

I would note, this is designed to be watched with its companion piece to get the whoe picture, but there is enough forit to also stand alone.

pleased you enjoyed...

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