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FanMix March 04, 2022 2722
(Updated: November 05, 2023)
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Unbreakable, Split, and Glass have great ideas but they suffer from scenes that drag, over explanations and awkward pauses to the point that each one of them can be reduced significantly, but there is a wonderful story to tell, it is almost like these films request a fan edit. It would be a challenge however to keep the heart and soul of those movies by editing them.

Thus we get 2 fan edits - SUG and UGS and you will get more enjoyment from these films by watching one of these fan edits.
But which one to pick

SUG has the superior narrative but UGS (This Edit) is more enjoyable and better edited.

UGS focuses on the main story and throws most of the subplots which creates the most enjoyable experience you can have with these movies, but it accidentally creates some plotholes that you may not noticed on the first watch like "When did Kevin get shot with a shotgun?", "How does Elijah know about David's weakness?" etc....

I also don't like that we only hear about some of Kevin's split personalities but we only get to see them 1.5 hours after they are mentioned, " the plot of Split suffered the most from this edit.
The plot of Unbreakable is now better with the new removed scenes, but the origin story of Elijah shouldn't be cut, The second half of the movie focuses on the story from Glass is perfectly fine (considering the source material)

If you are looking for the most enjoyable version and don't care about plot holes this is the version for you.
Personally, it is my favorite out of the 2 but I still desire a version that removed more subplots and fixed some plot holes.

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