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I have watched FWWM in many forms. The FanCuts we can get are Special in so many ways, using the Missing Pieces to show the full view and the Madness therein.

This Version opened up a while different view.
Three Episodes of real Twin Peaks feel. Right from the beginning with a TV Intro and the first cut to Laura.

When TP Hit the TV back than, it was a blast like nothing before, but you had to work for it.
And when FWWM came out, i remember that people hated it.
It was mit enough Soap and far to much Gore.

I always loved it. The raunchy Sounds of Lauras Voice, the brutal end of her long lost live.....

The idea to Take FWWM and the Missing Pieces and cut it into a Mini show IS very good.
It might be the best way to see it for the first time even.
Imagine you just left Twin Peaks after Season 2 and you can Re-enter again with Episode one of this cut.

The cuts are excellent done and flawless.
I know that Blue Owl loves the original Material.

First Episode ends with the big reveal for Laura. A dramatic Scene that builds the perfect cliffhanger.

In Episode 2 we have the brilliant and spooky David Bowie Part, that still buffles me to this day.

EP3 is about 90 Minuten and folds it all up.
Great way to see the Movie this way and i will recommend it.

From a technical kind of view, i neither saw or heard anything wrong. All is in brilliant Qualit├Ąty and the intensity is not lost in this cut.
I allows you to breathe between the Madness i would say.

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