Tusk: Full Walrus Edition

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Is man indeed a Walrus at heart?
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Brief Synopsis:
In this fanedit the movie has been reordered. It starts much like the original movie (Though some scenes that were flashbacks have been put into their chronological positions) but after Wallace Bryton's initial meeting with Howard Howe, we then follow his friends Ally and Teddy as they team up with Guy Lapointe to search for him. Once they find him (Though his fate is not shown) the movie then flashes back to Wallace and we stay with him and Howard Howe to discover his fate.
I loved Kevin Smith's original version, but I felt like it shifted gears a lot from Comedy to Horror from scene to scene. I thought it would be interesting to have all the comedy upfront and then stay with the horror for the rest of the movie. Plus, it adds a bit of mystery to Ally and Teddy's search, as the movie isn't shifting back and forth between them and Wallace.
Other Sources:
I used the Fleetwood Mac song 'Tusk' during a montage. Since the song is used throughout the movie, I thought it would be appropriate to use it for that scene.
Release Information:
  • DVD
  • Digital
Editing Details:
I watched the original a few times while taking notes (and noting time codes). I then used those notes to create a rough outline of how I wanted the movie to be re-ordered. This helped greatly when editing it all together.
Cuts and Additions:
There are many edits, as the whole movie has been re-ordered. There are only a few moments shaved off here and there due to scene transitions. For the most part everything from the original movie was used. I removed a voice over by Howard Howe from a montage scene of Ally and Teddy searching for Wallace, replacing it with music. This was done because the voice over wasn't appropriate for the re-ordered movie.
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