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(Updated: March 04, 2016)
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Great cut of a fantastic movie. The cuts are minor but judicious—as what Nathan has accomplished is already godlike, there's no need to make any blunt pronouncements about gods and Oppenheimer, and thecuddlyninja's removal of these bits goes a long way to smoothing out the narrative and tone.

The extended dance scene is fabulous and makes me wish everything included a disco sequence—biblical movies, World War II documentaries, lunch, funerals, you name it. Note that the audio noticeably takes on greater reverb as the extended scene kicks in.

*Schpoiler ahoy*

The new ending is perfect. Even though there are several points at which one could cut the movie and still end strongly (e.g., Ava walking into the woods, or right after she boards the helicopter, or heck, even the original ending), I find thecuddlyninja's solution emotionally powerful, cutting right after the elevator door closes and Caleb frantically calls after Ava. Part of the reason this new ending works so well is that the electronic score crescendos as she enters the elevator then fades rapidly into sonic emptiness, echoing Caleb's newfound despair.

The edit's picture generally looks great. An issue is the very noticeable judder in the last 12 minutes of the edit, extending even into the credits. I'm not sure how or why the glitch occurred, but it makes me hope for a revised, judder-less version of this most excellent edit.

Enjoyjoy: 10 artificial but almost human pelvic thrusts.

Addendum: thecuddlyninja released a second version with smoothed-out audio during the dance sequence and a judderless ending. the A/V quality and audio editing scores were upped from eight and nine respectively to reflect these changes.

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