True Romance: Quentin Tarantino Cut

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As a big fan of the out of order structure of Tarantino's scripts I always wanted to recreate his original vision of this film. But some deleted scenes play a big part in his version and they were only available in pretty low quality. The special edition Arrow released recently brought the scenes still in SD but upscaled to 1080p, so the blend with the official HD footage wouldn't look too jarring. And of course, Tarantino's original ending was reinstated, which I always preferred anyway.
Recreate Tarantino's version of this film.
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Cuts and Additions:
No voice over of Alabama during the opening credits.
Drexl killing his buddies for the drug in the hotel room moved to right after opening credits (inclusion of extended scene where they discuss 'eating pussy').
Cliff arriving in his trailer and finding Clarence and Alabama waiting for him moved to right after the Drexl scene, first time we see the characters.
Dick Ritchie's audition for TJ Hooker moved to right after Clarence says to Cliff that he needs his help.
Cliff pissed off at Clarence after hearing his story moved to after Dick's audition.
Deleted scene of Alabama telling Dick the story of her name added to the scene the trio is driving to the Safari Inn.
After they arrive at the hotel and Dick asks Clarence what he's doing in LA, insertion of "A Few Weeks Ago" title card and we go back to when Clarence and Alabama meet at the movie theater. (note: no such card in Tarantino's script, but the conversation between them happens differently and it's made obvious the next scene will take us back in time).
Deleted scene of Alabama cheering after the movie is over added after Clarence fills her in on what's going in the film (Jack Black's cameo was kept obviously).
Deleted scene of Clarence showing Alabama how Spider Man #1 looks like added after he asks if she would like to see it.
Deleted scene of Clarence asking Alabama to marry him and she accepting added after she promises she'll never lie to him again.
Deleted scene of Clarence and Alabama in the bathtub talking about Janis Joplin added right after they get married. "Piece of My Heart" is now playing in the background as they are clearly listening to her music during the scene, and Tarantino's script lists that particular song. (note: in Tarantino's script that scene was supposed to happen during their first night together, only they're dancing in Clarence's room during the talk not in a bubble bath. I thought the bubble bath seemed like something they'd do in their honeymoon rather than in their first night together, so I moved the scene to later in the film).
Right after they find out Clarence took the wrong suitcase and Alabama says "these are not my clothes" we go back to the Safari Inn where Dick sees the drug and Clarence asks for his help to sell it.
Small deleted scene where we see Dick is appalled at how cool Clarence is with the whole situation he's in added right after they choose the rollercoaster as the meeting spot.
Moved the scene of Virgil appearing at Dick's house and talking to Floyd to play between the scene post rollercoaster ride where Elliott is sick and Elliott and Clarence talking to Lee Donowitz on the phone.
Deleted scene of Vincent Coccotti in the elevator with his gang intrigued at Virgil's disappearance and telling them to go find out what's going on and fix the problem added right after Dimes and Nicholson tell their boss about Elliott's bust and the drug deal with Lee Donowitz. (note: in Tarantino's script both scenes are intertwined, playing back and forth. I tried to edit them like that but didn't like the result so they play separately).
Insertion of the title card "The Big Day" after Clarence assures Alabama everything will work out for them and before Floyd gives them directions to get to the Beverly Ambassador. (note: in Tarantino's script the tile card appeared before the Clarence and Alabama scene where he tells her he hates airports while he takes care of all the damage Virgil's done to her. I preferred the title card a little bit later, before they're ready to leave to the hotel).
Deleted scene of Dimes and Nicholson giving more shit to Elliott added to the scene they're testing the wire in the hotel room.
Deleted scene where Clarence changes his mind about selling the drug and decides to leave fearing they might get caught and then changes his mind again and decides to do it added right after Dick sees he brought a gun and asks him about it.
Deleted scene of Elliott in the hotel lobby stretching as a way to calm down and concentrate added before the trio enter the lobby and spot him.
Original ending reinstated.

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