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February 13, 2011 @ 8:55 pm

I’ll start by saying the last time I saw True Lies I was the same age as Eliza Dushku when she made that movie. So it’s been a while. I watched this version and I didn’t miss anything that was cut, except for the Tom Arnold hiding behind a light pole part, which is dumb. I had to go back and read the cut list to see what was missing only to find myself saying, "Holy crap!" and "Oh yeah!", for each one. Excellent job. There was only a couple spots (that I noticed) where the scene change seemed quick, but that’s nitpicky.

There’s a couple things I’d like to have still seen get axed. Yeah, the dogs thing mentioned before, but also Tom Arnold swerving all over the place on the icy road and his one liner at the end, “You’re fired.” the guy just kidnapped his daughter. I’d be way too upset to think of a one liner, even then it’s completely lame. His jet take off bit was nice too, but I would have gone further to make it look even more spontaneous.

I agree with other people, that whole last scene is weak compared to the rest of the film, but is there a way to ax it and keep the story intact? It would be tough to do.
I loved the whole thing. The movie, and the special features, totally above and beyond.

Excellent excellent work. 9/10.
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