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Here we have a nice simple edit to the initial Tron movie. As there were only a few simple cuts and one addition of explanatory text, the visual and audio quality were exactly as in the sourced blue-ray.

While the edit itself is minor, it does have a very positive effect. First, the insertion of the opening text provides critical and necessary information to assist the [first-time] viewer's understanding of the cyber world the movie is about. In addition, removal of the opening minutes also was a great decision because all it does is confuse the viewer - including me - and I have watched this movie before. Opening the movie with the helicopter is a much stronger way of grabbing the viewer's attention and we are not missing out on any information needed to understand the movie.

This is definitely an edit I would recommend watching for those who liked the original Tron movie, but want a stronger opening. Personally, I have always felt Tron was an okay, but not great movie, and that did factor into my ratings and is not an indictment on the edit itself.

I want to thank TheUltimate for sharing this edit with me. Solid job and will be the version I watch again when I want to revisit this movie in the future.

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