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uncanny antman does it again with another fantastic edit.the movie has had most of the useless talking and forced exposition removed. the movie now focuses on the decepticons searching for the last person to see the cube and megatron sams grandfather.they hyjack air force bases and even air force one until they realize samhis his grandfathers glasses,unknown to them bumblebee has secretly been tasked to be sams protector .
the movie flows nicely from begining to end and is only slowed down by some bad dialogue.

*there are a couple of scenes i would have removed just because they felt out of place.
1.@the car dealers they are checking out bumblebee ,then bobby(car dealer)says to mechanic that he hasnt seen car before and that its not one of his,very next scene he gives them details about the car and asks $5000(sam and dad had to have heard they are standing right next to him)
2.transformer in alley saying whats ups bitches or something like that.
3.awkwark scene where sams parents walk into his room sams mom starts asking him if he was masterbating.

other than that a fine edit.deifinately worth a watch

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