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A woman is about to get drilled and hammered... and not in the way she likes it...

In 1977 a series of nasty murders are carried out at the Lusman Arms, an old apartment building in Hollywood. The perpetrator is never apprehended.

27 years later a young couple moves in under ongoing renovations. And what seemed to be just an old apartment building turns out to be something much worse. There is something evil living deep inside the building itself... something that needs to keep killing to stay alive.

And all you wanted was a little help with the plumbing...
The original Toolbox Murders is pretty bad, only the kills are decent. The remake on the other hand has some really good stuff going on. The biggest complaint I have is the character Ned, you know; the red herring, and the neighbor couple; Saffron and her boyfriend.

What I set out to do was to keep the killing spree from the original and use it as an intro to the remake. The kills have been recut, now with less misogyny, less bad acting and no masturbation.

I then tried to reshape the remake so it builds on the, now, 1977 section. I’ve gotten rid of dull moments and some scenes have been rearranged in order to tell the story in a, hopefully, more interesting way. Less bullshit more to the point with more kills. Giving everyone what they want.
Release Information:
Special Features
5.1 Surround Sound, Scene Selection, 1 Deleted Scene
Editing Details:
This modified toolbox contains a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill, a nail gun, a wheel saw, bolt cutters and more.
Cuts and Additions:
Added: new title sequence
Added: deleted scene from Toolbox Murders (Jack Lusman in his chair)

Cut: everything except the killer walking inside the elevator, the drill kill, nail gun kill and hammer kill. Scenes have been recut and rearranged

(some scenes have been rearranged)
Cut: many of Ned’s scenes
Cut: the annoying neighbor Saffron and her boyfriend
Cut: Nell’s father
Added: footage from the unrated version of Julia’s death scene
Cut: Nell calling Stephen at work
Cut: guy being killed in the elevator
Added: footage from the unrated version of Ned’s death scene
Cut: the building manager’s death dance, and also.........wait for it......... “JUST FUCKING KILL ME!!!”
Added: deleted scene that explains that Chas was a ghost
Changed: new end credits sequence
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steFAN creates an interesting mix of the 1977 and 2004 Toolbox Murders.
The ‘77 is sleazier, boasts name actors, and nudity. The ‘04, helmed by Tobe Hooper, was a stumbling attempt.
While neither are top notch Slasher, both have their moments, which steFAN zoomed in on.
He keeps the best parts of the ‘77 (the killings and the cheesecake) purges the rest.
Purges dialogue from the ‘04 and pushes the pace.

Video - 720 X 480p MPEG. Overall, this is pretty sharp. The older film has noticeable grain, but it was not damaged or marred.

Audio - 5.1 448 kbps AC-3. Are you kidding me? 5.1 for a cheesy Slasher flick? Darned generous. No subs. Dialogue is clear, save for mushmouth Ned.

Narrative - The trick, and this was very clever, was to front-load the earlier film as a flashback. Killings, body disappearances, inactivity. Building restoration, however, reawakens the monster. The story then focuses on the later era and scattered clues. The symbols and signs make neat trail markers. The plot is coherent, though one does wonder what the killer was doing for twenty odd years.

Enjoyment - OK. As mentioned, neither is must-see. steFAN does a great job giving us the best of the first film, and he hurries the remake along so it never lags. Genre fans, yes, head on down.

steFAN reworked several other Horror titles, worth investigating.

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