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This edit was the first time I've seen this movie in probably 15-20 years, so I remembered almost nothing about the original movie other than it was felt like it was "trying really hard to be Reservoir Dogs" and "this was a little confusing but the action scenes were really good." You did a fantastic job of trimming the fat. I'm sure the cut-14-minutes doesn't feel like that much in the long run but when each scene drags a little too long, it makes the whole movie feel slow. This edit chops that 14 mins in a way that felt natural, didn't impede the story at all, still left room for character development, and tightened up the pace. The audio was great, the gun battles were loud and crisp, and I never struggled to hear the dialogue.

I WAS hoping you would have fixed something, though: when Benicio calls the Doctor with the ransom information ("come to Salsipuedes at the Nacio Madre Hotel"), he hangs up and James Caan is already behind him. How did he even find them!? Did I miss something?

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Owner's reply September 13, 2023

Caan's character is the ultimate "button man'. Always one step ahead. Plus, he's had a careful eye on...that person. :)

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