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Titanic (Restructured), The
April 25, 2019    
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Oh my god, what a film!
And this edit probably only hightened my love for it. This edit cuts the distracting subplot and adds a bunch of cut scenes back in, most of the time seamlessly. There a 2 or 3 a little awkward edits where scenes have been added or trimmed, but nothing you wouldn't come across in original hollywood films.
In some scenes the narration that was in the original was removed. Again, it works seamlessly and the music choice for those scenes was brilliant. Almost all of the additions were perfectly seamless, gave some characters more screentime and opportunity for character developement, showed more of the horrible fate that the people met, etc, etc. This edits feels a lot more brutal than the original film and more human too.
I cried. Three times, at least, despite having seen the film several times. Nothing of its emotional weight is lost, there might even be a bit more. Also, not necessarily knowing whether the leads will survive this ordeal, also makes it more exiting and thrilling. The quality is great, allowing especially the sound effects, which I loved so much in the original, to amaze me all over again. Though the great video quality also reveals some dodgy moments in the VFX of the original film during the flyby shots. But what the heck, it's '97.
It is Andreas', best work so far. When I read about it in this post, I thought to myself, that this could be what Titanic should have been. And by god did this edit deliver.
Just wow...

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