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(Updated: January 22, 2016)
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I had never seen this film before. I meant to for a long time but just never got to it. When all you can watch is a version everybody seems to hate, it's harder to want to watch it. All that being said, I was missing out because this is a great film. Ratings for the edit:
A/V Quality - 8 - This is as much HD footage as I think one could hope for. Laserdisc shots in particular do stand out but it is such a worthwhile tradeoff. I think releasing a DVD version would be a good idea since at 720p the difference does stand out. BUT having never seen the film before, I actually thought that all of the shots with the quality drop were indicating security camera footage. This was totally in keeping with the world and actually worked as a narrative device. I didn't even realize it wasn't for a while.
Visual Editing - 10 - I didn't realize until watching the blu-ray after how masterful this was. So much totally off-putting CGI removed or made unnoticeable. The colors were spectacular in the edit, and sometimes great and sometimes really off on the blu-ray.
Audio Editing - 10 - Mono audio sounds really good for what it is and feels very time-appropriate.
Narrative - 10 - The movie was fantastic and the use of visuals for storytelling and disorientation was very captivating.
Enjoyment - 9 - Thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

After watching the edit, I watched the blu-ray for the first time and holy mother of science was there a lot of weird bullshit added. All the cars added, the bizarre monitor clearly added above the timecard thing, ALL of the text changes, everything in the monitors (the explosion viewed in the two monitors is so weird), the INSECT WINGS (WTF?!?), the giant, massive factory-type shot which looked 50 years newer than the rest of the movie, everything going on around the car taking the curve, just so many weird things. I intended to just watch a bit but I became so bizarrely fascinated with all of the very odd CGI additions that I watched it all. Which then made me go back and appreciate your editing work exponentially more. The shot at 24:13 where the man bends over seems slowed down for a second. I assume it was to match the LD but it stood out.The fact that it was completely unnoticeable outside of that and video quality drops is probably the biggest compliment.

Great job and thanks for making this. I'm extremely glad I watched this as my first exposure.

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