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The literary Bond is hardly the most upstanding of characters, yet I cannot recall any instance when he behaved in a manner akin to that in the theatrical version of Thunderball. For that reason alone one can recommend this edit, but as others have mentioned the rearranged Shrublands segment also has the advantage of better connecting to the SPECTRE’s meeting in the previous scene, we cut straight to their plan going into action rather than waiting around at the clinic. Pacing throughout the film is far less tedious, somebody unfamiliar with the original would not notice the missing scenes barring a couple of moments (e.g. an orphaned reference to Bond being ambushed while photographing the Disco Volante).

Picture quality and sound was excellent, nice to have the option of the original song and hear the proper music at the end! Little bit odd at how the title sequence and establishing shot of Largo in Paris is cropped at the sides, same in the Warhead Edition. New cuts are generally unobtrusive, sometimes a little abrupt but quickly forgotten, and not of a dissimilar style to some of those in the original.

Definitely my preferred version now, sadly I think it would be impossible to restore a favourite line of mine only found in the book “And if you catch fire you can sue.”

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