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FanFix April 10, 2014 10503
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A great edit of what could have been an awesome movie if it had been streamlined like this.

Thor is my personal favorite Avenger and I am glad and grateful for TM2YC's hard work on this, which can be appreciated thoughout.

No screen time is wasted this time around and the exposition is reduced to the bare minimum, falwlessly edited for video in HD and audio; sadly, as many other faneditors these days, it provides a 2.0 audio track; therefore I have to apply my rule of deducting points from the A/V Quality department.

***spolier alert***

My only complaint is the removal of the Loki surviving and taking over posing as Odin twist in the original. Not only it stays true to Loki's character arc and motivations, I think that will play an important part in the upcoming entries in the MCU and shouldnt have been removed. Enjoyment department loses a point for this.
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