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(Updated: July 11, 2014)
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TM2YC fanedit of Thor: The Dark World is great example showing how effective a fanedit can be by simply moving a few scenes around and trimming a little fat can greatly improve the original cut. Both the opening and end are effectively done and are the stand out moments. However looking at the cut list you see that there is a lot more to this edit all of which go unnoticed.

My only criticism would be the humor still remains especially in the third act were it feels a little out of place. But this didn't change my overall enjoyment as the fanedit greatly improves over the original and if it's not a concern for TM2YC then that's fine with me.

I've enjoyed the Thor films so far but in regards to the Marvel Film Universe he has been the weak link for me. while I'd give the theatrical cut a 7/10 TM2YC improves the score to a 8/10, but the problems with Thor: The Dark World are still there. Given the short run time and lack of decent deleted scenes TM2YC has done a great job with this edit and is a must see for any Marvel fan

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