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I can't believe it has been almost nine years since it was released. Most parts of the original movie were lost to me completely. So, it's nice to have a new watching+ experience.

I love how significant runtime is set in Asgard (Of course, it is always wonderful for more Asgard). We were able to see and learn the culture of Asgard. More screentime for the Warriors Three and Lady Sif is always a yes. Loki's ascension illusion is also very well placed. All Asgardian primary character is well developed. We could see the sadness when the queen passed away.

Malekith shown as a borderline psychopath with w intention is to bring darkness to the world. This is great, I like how the villain is truly evil. I don't want to sympathise with a crazy maniac.

The final battle is better paced—more clarity to what happened.

Is the ending changed? The movie is so much better than the theatrical version. And it connects nicely with the rest of the MCU.

This movie is the faithful Thor The Dark World is supposed to be. Anyone who has never watched Thor The Dark World should watch this version instead.

Tips: don't ever watch the original movie again. Watch only Thor The Dark World Converged Edition. It will make you love Asgard, which in turn will make you appreciate other Thor movies even more.

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