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The theatrical cut was messy and full of poor attempts at humor (and screaming goats, for some reason).. This edit does a great job at trimming most of the cringe out of this film, and greatly improves it. Makes me wish the theatrical cuts of MCU movies had editors who cared as much about the story as Tremault seemingly does.
I loved how Gorr's story and motivation are clearer, how we discover who the Mighty Thor is together with "our" Thor, how we discover that underneath her facade - Jane actually is suffering, how Sif now actually talks more like a true Asgardian, and many, many more changes.
Not everything is perfect about this edit, of course. The source material was full of quips and jokes, so trimming them leads to some continuity issues (e.g., location changes, props disappearing) and pacing issues (hardly any time to breathe).
All in all - most of those issues did not bother me too much. There were only two things I wish would be altered if Tremault plans on creating another version of this edit:
(1) 41:50 The use of November Rain feels very out of place. I think there's no need for anothe GnR song in the movie - and especially in this scene. I would replace it with some instrumental piece from the OST..
(2) 1:05:20 I understand there's no way to completely cut the scenes in which the kids gain powers, but if there's a way to further trim some of them (i.e., if there's a kid fighting without Thor in the frame) - trim it.
Keep up the good work!

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