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May 21, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

Took me long enough to get to this one…thankfully, it was worth the wait.

The video quality was…bad, but that’s okay, because it was supposed to be. The only problem I noticed that was an actual error was during the opening sequence where the editor added some extra scratches using whatever program he used for editing. The scratches were visible in the black letterboxes on the top and bottom of the picture. Perhaps this was intentional, perhaps not. At any rate, it was a tiny bit distracting. This could have been fixed by adding new letterboxes to the picture. But of all things, this is a minor complaint. I also noticed a very, very mild case of pixelation during a few scenes…but having not seen the Puggo Grande, these may be a part of the print and unavoidable.

Audio was decent as well. For a “crappy” audio job, it was fairly well done. There were a few instances where I couldn’t quite understand what Vader was saying. Music selection was completely inappropriate in a few scenes….and again, it was good, I laughed quite a few times.

Now for the edit itself. (HEAVY SPOILERS): It actually worked quite well. The story was heavily condensed, but it still flowed fairly well. I liked the shifting of the “Binary Sunset” scene to after Owen and Beru’s death. One edit I really, really liked (that would work great in a non-grindhouse style edit) is near the end where Luke just walks away from Han while he is collecting his money. I also liked Vader taking control of Luke during the last stretch of the trench and killing Biggs (and then R2 calling him on it at the ceremony). The alternate takes integrated in well too, though the only way they could really be included, along with the deleted scenes, is in an edit like this where high quality is not necessarily the aim.

All in all, a great effort and an excellent final product. I think I’m going to download TMBMT’s Jaws edit at some point as well.

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