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Vow of Sherlock, The
September 23, 2017    
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I have somewhat mixed feelings about this edit.

Overall feel of the film was definitely different than the rest of the show, even comparing to "The Fall" and "The Return" fan edits (still haven't watched "The Lies" by Zarius). And I kinda dig it, in a way. The gloom, the intensity, the urgency, the chaotic-ness of the plots and subplots, everything is in parallel to what the story of Mary is all about, and that of her end, which is, I believe is the central character in this story arc.

Visual editing is also topnotch, and so does the overall editing.

However, there is just one tiny thing that bugs me in the audio editing. This may be nitpicking, I'm sorry for that, but there is a huge change in the overall volume between "His Last Vow" and "The Six Thacther" segments, the latter was way louder than the prior. I suddenly had to adjust my volume for about 20 bars.

Also, this may be my biggest dislike in this edit, although the whole feel of the movie seems logical (like what I stated firstly in my review), I think the story is kinda dragging to watch as a whole. I think, personally, it is better to have 2 separate episodes/ short films rather than combined for the ff reasons:
1. The impact of Magnusen's character was lessen to minimum. I did not feel his threatening vibe as when I watched the original episode.
2. Also connected, the impact of sherlock killing a man was also lessen to minimum. It just went by without having a sense of wonder as to what would be the consequences of that.
3. I think that having a breather between the two episodes, is more preferable than watching them continuously without break.

Final note: I am a huge fan of how the edit ended sentimentally. The added music was perfect to end the film, though.

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