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(Updated: September 08, 2013)
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being from the UK the Twilight Zone wasn't a weekly show that was available to me, i can't recall if it was shown or indeed repeated over here. i do however understand the weekly premise as we had a similar show called Tales of the Unexpected. this edit i could only assume would fit nicely with any episode from the classic TV show, as it looks very authentic especially the fade to black in which a commercial break would have taken place was a nice touch.

i only saw tranzor extended version and all in all i found this to be a fun little edit. the edit moves along a quick pace, the basic story of the planet of the apes remains intact. unfortunately cornelius and zira perhaps don't have a great deal of screen time, and so the their bond to taylor isn't as strong in this version

the only negatives regarding the edit would be a little more footage showing the bond between taylor and znova would have helped the narrative. also cornelius line about taylor proving their innocence seemed a little out of place with the footage that had been deleted. a continuity error is also seen as the army of apes appear a long the beach towards the end.

overall this is fun experience in watching a film i've always enjoyed in a new and different way

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