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This is a wonderful edit of Superman Returns, and does almost everything I would want out of a fanfix of this movie.

The restructured narrative is kind of genius in the way that it stitches across unrelated scenes and creates a new flow that feels organic, despite elements being used from very different parts of the film. Of particular note is the use of the plane rescue to kick off the action-packed third act, and the way that ties into Lex's creation of New Krypton. Fantastic work!

The deleted material is not missed for the most part. Getting rid of Jason works a treat (except his ghost remains, playing "heart and soul" on the piano in the background of an early scene. As it stands, the scene's music is quite odd, but not a deal breaker in any way). I also didn't miss those awkward hospital scenes, or the overlong water-based scenes in the original third act. I slightly missed the scenes of Clark reuniting with his mother on the farm and some of the flashbacks to young Clark, but only slightly. Their deletion makes total sense within the structure of this edit.

There are only a couple of visual edits that felt slightly jarring/rushed (eg, after Lois hands Perry the article on Superman, there is an abrupt cut to Lex in the boat, and next thing Lois is on the Plane with no explanation of how or why), but there were only a couple of such examples and they were forgiveable given the material there was to work with. Overall, the narrative flow makes total sense, and gives the material a much needed boost in energy and fun.

The included footage from "Contact" worked very well, but I wasn't quite as sure about the inclusion of the meteor crash from "Deep Impact". The aftershock from the impact clearly sends a tsunami around half the globe, but there is no follow up after that dramatic shot. I understand the need to have superman land outside the city, but to not address the fact that his fall probably decimated half the planet was somewhat problematic.

Other than those small issues, this was a really brilliant edit and may just be my go to version of the film for any future viewings. Congrats Avid, and thank you for making it.

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