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I enjoyed The Revenant when I saw it in theaters, but it was a bit too long I felt. The Ree chief looking for his daughter seemed like it was just tacked on to increase the running time and it seemed like Glass (though I'm sure his historical counterpart would disagree) just went through trial after trial after trial to up the running time.

Spence's edit solved every single one of my complaints. The story still moves at a deliberate pace, but overall it just feels faster. Which it would be, with 36 minutes neatly trimmed off. Truth be told, I don't think I could point out everything that was cut, that's how well it was done. I did notice the beginning was trimmed down and obviously the horse scene (which I know was a bit controversial to cut, but the point of the movie got across just fine without it) and the aforementioned scenes with the French fur trappers and the chief's daughter, but those were all fat. The new dream sequence worked well, but I do think it might have been better placed earlier in the narrative, perhaps before Glass climbs out of his "grave," as it were.

Audio was great, no complaints. I've only got a stereo setup, so the 2.0 was fine with me. Video was great too, though I did notice a few instances of stuttering during the scene where Glass begins to swim down river to hide from the pursuing Ree. The video quality was great. In his discussion thread, Spence talked about maybe producing a higher video quality version of it if people were interested. Consider me interested!

As I said previously, I enjoyed the theatrical cut of The Revenant, but I enjoyed this so much more. If you liked The Revenant, I can't recommend this enough.
Owner's reply June 02, 2016

Thanks for the review!

It's funny you mention doing the dream sequence earlier, I originally was going to have some of it at the point you mentioned and some of it when he's healing, but I found it flowed better just getting to the point and getting Glass out of the grave. It definitely could work that way, but I was more interested in speeding things up at that moment.

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