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Well...this is my first review for my first ever viewed edit!

I stummbled across this on YouTube via the essay. Tracking this down was an issue and I bought the Animatrix in order to comply with the rules, but it was worth it.

I just can't bring myself to rewatch Revolutions and now and again I watch the choice parts of Reloaded but whenever I re-watch The Matrix I'm left unfullfilled because I know there was more.

Now my wish has come true with this fabulous edit.

I'm not sure how to write these so I'll follow the format below.

Maybe I'm wet behind the ears but the audio and visual editing was great. I can vouch that the Blu ray has none of the artefacts and issues described below but I undestand that a 25gb download vs. 3 or 4 GB is an issue. I also enjoyed the extras on the Blu ray as well.

The narrative worked very well and the only part that was a bit off was the transition to Reloaded. The new scene that bridges the gap is well done but did look very soft but I'm guessing that that was limited by the source material.

I can't really think what was missing from The Matrix so I actually went back to my disc to check. I also did not notice what was missing from the fights that were listed as having sections removed, so I again checked. I was very impressed by that (if not a little annoyed that I could not work it out for myself).

The coolest thing for me though was the new ending. The second half of this is edit is so inventive. It's odd that the pieces that were used are all that I care to rememeber about the sequels. There is a lot of inventive cutting and pasting here and I was knocked out by it. When I read the cutlist my jaw dropped off. Really, is that what was done here? I would love to do an edit one day but this must have taken forever.

This won't replace the originals (even with all the flaws) but it will join them in my Real World and will be watched again, and again and again.

Super stuff. This is an amazing artform and I am grateful that you are all so passionate about what you do.

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