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I have to say right off the bat that for anyone looking for a Matrix edit which captures the essence of the Wachowski's vision in one film-- this is for you.

My thoughts on the original trilogy-- loved Matrix 1, disillusioned by 2, and really hated 3, to the point where I avoided watching the latter 2 for years because of how much I felt they tarnished the original. But there's no denying that these films EXIST-- and since they do,, what do you do with them? Well, I'm happy to say that Wraith has successfully combines the three films in his own take on the franchise-- note that this is not cramming the three films into a 3 hour timeframe, instead he condenses the 2 sequels into something new.

I won't spoil it, but the structure is changed from the get go-- with a new beginning which sets up the movie perfectly. The Matrix is cut well and has good pacing, but where Wraith''s edit really shines is what he did with Reloaded and Revolutions. I got the feel that this film was all about Morpheus, Neo, Trinity and co vs the machine, in and out of the system-- which was ALL that was great about the originals. NO one cares about Zion, and I was thrilled these sequences were completely dropped along with all the meandering dialogue. With the story now focused on the Nebuchadnezzar crew, the film never drags. I could not tell what exactly was dropped in the later 2 films, but the best scenes are included in this edit in a way which makes sense (primarily Reloaded). I was particularly impressed by the unique way Wraith ended this edit-- I was surprised and intrigued at the same time.

Audio/ visual quality was excellent. No noticeable visual cuts, and audio cuts were not perceptible to me.

Wraith presented a detailed video essay prior to the release explaining his intentions in detail and the reasons for his cut (I highly recommend visiting this before or after watching this edit)

Definitely watch this edit. Its a whole new spin on the Matrix, and after watching it, I actually appreciated Reloaded more, and what that movie could have been if they had been more concise.
I loved this eit, and highly recommend it :)

Nice one Wraith

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Thank you for your interest and time in posting the review Ranger613.

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