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FanMix July 21, 2015 5135
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Brief Summary: A wonderful mix of sight and sound! The added soundtrack feels natural and heightens the tension. The narrative is tight and an improvement over the original.

A/V Quality - 9.
Video was perfect. Audio tracks felt a little unbalanced, see Editing notes.

Editing - 10 visual, 8 audio.
Visual editing was smooth, nothing felt out of place or noticeable. Audio editing was primarily well executed, but a few transitions stood out. As well, at times the music would be just a tad bit loud. But once I got into the flow of the story I got grooved into the levels.

I listened to the first five minutes of the commentary, but I turned it off because it wasn't mixed too well. The commentary was too soft and the movie audio was too loud. I'd love to hear a fixed version.

Narrative - 10.
This worked beautifully. The story is taut and it never felt like it was dragging. When I first saw "Insidious" I wasn't blown away, but this certainly highlights the positives and improves it as a whole.

Enjoyment - 9.
Highly recommended for horror fans. The music from "It Follows" works great with this flick!

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