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(Updated: January 27, 2022)
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I have a love-hate relationship with Insidious. I feel like the first half of the film is a great ghost story. I quite like the jump scares and the creepy factor of certain scenes, the ghost walking on the roof back and forth is one of my favourites! But I always felt let down when they brought the further into it.

It just something that never jelled with me in the slightest! I always found it too... out there shall we say... a bit too far, but for the most part, I do enjoy this film.

Then there is this edit. Edited down to 71 minutes and the soundtrack mostly replaced with Disasterpeace's incredible score and it is incredible! The shorter run time kept me invested in the movie, there was no lulls and the story was unaffected.

I really enjoyed this edit, the audio is a bit too loud in certain parts, and it can slightly drown out the characters and what they are saying, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this edit in the slightest!

This will probably be my go to way to watch Insidious from now on because the score fits this movie perfectly! If you loved the It follows score and you liked Insidious, then definitely give this a watch!

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