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Splendid work, BionicBob!

This edit is, without doubt, the version I will return to the next time my LXG-nerve tingles. Or pulp-nerve, for that matter. Visually the edits are flawless. Not a single cut caught my eye, thus keeping me inside the experience. As it were. However, the streaks became a tad too distracting at times. As did the hairs. Not every time and not a majority of the time, but a few times. A bit too prominent at places. The deleted scenes added into the mix did stand out, but felt more as parts of the pulp experience than jarringly out-of-place (as you said in the About This Edit-featurette. A fun thing in itself! Keep making those.).

The monochrome choice was a brilliant choice and really helped sell the otherwise lackluster movie. It obscures poor CGI in plain sight while at the same time adding to the pulp theme, which is great fun! The different colors was indeed a nice touch, as others have stated.

Dare I say it looked almost too "old timey" for me not to yearn for 1.33:1 or the like. The wide ratio almost distracted me. Almost. Re-framing it, together with less streaks and hairs, would be an impressive feat! I'd watch the hell out of that.

Vultural said what is to be said about the sound. Very well done! Perhaps a tad loud in my mind, but stellar edits.

And as others have stated, the original movie is rather lacking overall and can be tricky to do something about. I think you did a masterful job at capturing some of the good ol' adventure, fun and action spectacle the original buried somewhere.

I'll consider this a gritty-ish pulp movie from now on and will return to this when silly adventure is needed.


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