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Recut of de Palma’s “Carlito’s Way,” removing the unnecessary love element. What was the point of the romance angle anyway? To lure females into the theater? C’mon, Pacino was still a sexy draw at that time. One big plus is the shortening of a bloated storyline to a quick moving character sweep.

Video - 688 X 304p MPEG-4. This is a rather “red” palette and that can sometimes be a problem. Not so here. The editing was solid throughout. The image broke up a couple of times, which I chalked up to my viewing method (putting file on flash drive and playing on BluRay via USB). Image is a bit soft.

Audio - MP3 128 kbps. 2-Channel stereo. No subs. This is a noisy movie. Dialogue remained clear, even during club sequences. I listened using headphones.

Narrative - Gail? What Gail? Who’s Gail? The story is now very male oriented, with no emotional baggage aside from character’s stupidity. Surprising how well the narrative flowed with no coherence issues. The editor provided outtakes at the end. They add nothing only to kill the mood.

Enjoyment - This edit pushed de Palma’s wannabee yarn into Neo-Noir territory. Had Adabisi gone the black n white route, this might have made a decent Noir in and of itself.

The main problem I have with this film, and have always had, is the sheer lack of intelligence of all characters involved. Indeed, the lead, the legendary Carlito, displays less than stellar streets smarts. From misreading his allies, to disrespecting and underestimating the up and coming next generation. Hard to feel sympathy for a fool.

The opening courtroom sequence always felt wrong. Carlito had a loud, screaming, over-the-top manner more in line with Pacino’s “Scent Of A Woman” from the previous year.

I liked this version. I enjoyed this edit. I still dislike Carlito Brigante, though.

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