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November 13, 2008

FanEdit Review by Molasar

Title/FanEditor: The Inheritors – A TV Film from the Outer Limits v1 by tranzor

The Edit: The cuts are clean and they flow beautifully. As a TV film, it maintains the old fashioned look and feel of a production from the mid-60s — the commercial fade outs, the melodramatic music, the opening and closing credits. As a TV movie it works. It does not play like two episodes put together, although the short recap mid-way through seems completely out of place and redundant. It is unnecessary. Other than that one instance, I think it’s a great example of editing. ****/*****

Image Quality: The 4:3 picture is excellent. It’s sharp and clean with deep blacks and bright whites. For a 44 year old show, it looked amazing on my display. It’s billed as a TV movie so there is no deduction for its aspect ratio. *****/*****

Audio Quality: A well balanced aural experience. Crisp and clear with no hiss. *****/*****

The DVD: Static menu.

Overall Rating: A must for fans of The Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, or Sci-Fi in general. ****/***** (not an average)

Reviewed using Sony 51” 16×9 RPTV with Oppo DVD player upconverting to 1080i via DVI and Onkyo 650 Watt 5.1 surround sound
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