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October 22, 2008

The edit:
This TV film fanedit in b/w from the original OUTER LIMITS runs smoothly through the plot of the original 2 episodes. It is old, it feels old and looks old, but in that is also the charm of nostalgia, when things were way more naive and simple. I was mildly entertained and not too bored watching it. BUT I think it works better as 2 episodes than as a complete movie, because as that it is actually too long. The 2 episodes character enables the audience to take a break, find a new beginning and new excitement. Some things work better if split IMO.
The editing was well done, except for 2 things that I noticed. One fade goes with a score fade that felt artificial and the repeated scene of the brainwaves should have been removed as it was not just redundant, but simply did not belong into a movie.
Overall this is an acceptable fanedit. I have my difficulties calling it a true fanedit, because nothing of any importance was changed or altered, so the idea of tranzor was "just" to combine 2 episodes. The scenes he deleted did neither add nor take away from the story. So by removing them nothing was changed, jsut a bit condensed, which still did not make the movie feel faster paced. Creativity-wise there is actually nothing in it.
Still it gives the audience the chance to watch a nice story of Outer Limits again. A bit condensed, connected to one movie.
editing: 3 of 5 (would be 4, if more creativity was involved),
entertainment: 3 of 5

Image quality:
The image quality is about as in the original episodes. There is a blur in scenes of movement, but it is not the faneditor's fault.
video quality: 4 of 5

Audio quality:
The audio quality was good, except for one audio fade that could have been taken better care of.
audio: 4 of 5

The DVD comes with a still main menu, which looks quite nice (good buttons). no chapter menus and an "about" menu. There is no cover art included. My personal judgement: not too bad and not too good.
presentation: 3 of 5

resulting in a 3 of 5 overall rating from me. For me as an owner of the original box set, this does not add anything, but some people might enjoy having these episodes combined to one movie.
This is hereby approved to FANEDIT.ORG.
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