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- The beginning is different and more in tune with the book (cool) but i like more the old intro (cutting Frodo).
- Dwarves at Bag End nicely done.
- Azog was "trimmed to the bone". I like him a lot and he is the main antagonist in the trilogy (apart from Sauron of course).
- Troll sequence was good, i never liked it to much. To much silliness, so good job =).
- I wouldn't say that the whole Radagast scenes should be in, but some. I like him too and we see can still see him mounted on Gwaihir (possibly) when the eagles attack the Gundabad Army.
- I like the way you handled the the arrival at Imladris, although i would have trimmed more of the Dwarves silliness and used The White Council (Kerr AUJ version). Sauron is the "Phantom Menace" and the ultimate evil behind all of what happens and that scene is very informative of what is going on.
- Stone giants cut. Good =)
- Goblin Town, Riddles in the Dark also good.
- Last battle also good.

- I like more of the flashback beginning, Azog's chase and Dol Guldor's commands. We would know that the Dwarves would still be chased after but by Bolg but not seen, it would connect with when Beorn and Galdalf talk and are aware that the enemy is still after them.
- Good riddance of the love triangle =))).
- No Orc chase and barrels sequence. Excellent.
- Black Arrow's should be mentioned but not seen as they are in the movie: "The Black Arrow was a single regular-sized arrow, forged by Thrór, who was the King under the Mountain before its fall seated in the Lonely Mountain, according to The Hobbit. It is not known if it had any magical properties, but Bard said that he had successfully retrieved it every time he used it"
- Lake town should have been trimmed even further but i can live with your approach lol.
- After that everything was cool except for the part of Smaug's exiting the mountain. You used the same scene of Smaug when he goes after Bilbo into the Hall and when he exits the mountain. I don't recall which edit I've seen that made that exit very cool.

- I think this was the least perfect of the 3 films edited.
- Many things rushed and scenes not very intermingled with each other, especially in the battle itself.
- Dol Guldor rescue cut. Pity, i love the extended scenes of that part of the movie and Sauron finally reveals himself to all that he has returned.
- Azog's scene watching his army entering the Were-Worms holes should have been kept.
- I didn't like the way you've dealt with Thorin's regaining his "sanity". it felt rushed and awkward.
- When the battle begins until the end of it, many things were not smoothly done in my opinion. Ex: Bolg hits Bilbo and suddenly he is fighting Legolas who appeared out of nowhere. I know you must've done that way because of Legolas stunts with the bat but still... ; More Dwarf silliness... ; Radagast is seen in the end as I referred before even though you removed him from your edit.

Conclusion: I would not mind that the movie was longer but more cohesive. It is your approach to the story and it is fine of course. I liked it in general even though I've appointed some stuff and i think you are quite able to improve it =). It is my humble opinion so don't take it personal and I hope to see more of your edits soon =)

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