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After viewing a number of Hobbit fanedits, (all superior to the original theatrical release), I feel that Menbailee's is the closest to my liking. Loved the rearranging and dispersing of the opening scenes. LOVED the elimination of the sled and orc chase. I think the transition from forest to narrow crevice works great. A lot of the ridiculous parts were wisely cut. I now have a version of part one that I actually enjoy watching.
However- I would have done more cutting (if I knew how to edit). I would remove the first Radagast scene and all of the sled and rabbit parts. It could be easily done. I'd try to find a way to change the scene where the ring twirls in the air and lands right on Bilbo's finger. I'm not sure how this could be accomplished, but it was done in TFOTR- let's not do it again. The same with Gandalf whispering to the moth. It was great in TFOTR, it does not need to be in the Hobbit too.
I too like the pine-tree escape much better in this fanedit. As far as how to get around Thorin getting hurt if there wasn't a fight with the orcs, is simple. Cut out the part of the scenes where the eagle is carrying him. I would just transition from the eagles flying to the party standing on the rock as the eagles fly off. No need to show Thorin hurt at all and Gandalf's "healing" of him.
One thing I would have left in the film is a little of the Giants, just enough to see that the legends are true and then skip to the group looking for shelter.
All in all, the best telling of part one of The Hobbit.

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