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I really enjoyed this edit - it cut out most of the superfluous, silly action scenes, tedious added in segments with Galadriel and Saruman, and got back to the actual narrative of the story of the Hobbit. Gone are the White Orc, most of the prologue, stone giants, White Council, Frodo and more. What remains is focused, tight and entertaining.

There are a couple of noticeable huge jump-cuts - you sometimes wonder "why are the walking through cliffs, when they were in the forest half a second ago". The most noticeable was when the Dwarves start attacking the Trolls. I might have let that play for a few seconds longer before cutting to them tied to a spit, but I am being VERY picky. I suppose you have to work with the material you have!

By cutting the fat, this feels far more like one of the original LotR films than the theatrical version. It doesn't feel the need to constantly reference the wider Tolkien universe and the previous films, and just gets on with telling its story.

I look forward to Part 2!

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