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Hi Samspider3, thanks for sharing with me your edits =) Sorry not to make a review earlier.

I'll start with the suggestions, things I dislike or not like at all:
- In Radagast's attempt to distract the Orc pack, I think you shouldn't have deleted the Orc that picks up the dwarves scent and ultimately his death scream warns the rest of the pack of dwarves location, it would make sense for the others scenes of the pack surrounding the dwarves.
- I think it is important to see Bilbo falling in the Goblins cave to pave the way for the "riddles in the dark scene". He just appears in the ground out of nowhere with the goblin.
- I absolutely dislike that the "eagles final" was removed. To me this is the biggest flaw in Part I. You could've arranged it like the Arkenstone Edition for example which is great.
- I don't think the One Ring should be seen affecting Bilbo that much. Sauron is still gathering strength and the One is somewhat dormant until LOTR, so I would suggest those scenes removed or trimmed.
- You could have trimmed even more the "barrel water sequence" and Legolas stunts, I just hate that sequence, it looks likes a platform game.
- I think you should have left the Gandalf's scene entering armed with Glamdring in Dol Guldur as well as Thrain scenes and adjusted it like Masirimso17s Hobbit: Fire and Water.
- The "forges scenes" should have been removed entirely and Smaug being covered in gold too as well as the final itself could have been like Masirimso17s Hobbit: Fire and Water, although I also commented in his edit that i don'f find Ed Sheeran style and music to be fit for a Hobbit/LOTR movie. We have great epic musics sung by Enya, Emiliana Torrini, Annie Lennox, Neil Finn, Billy Boyd and then we get Ed Sheeran -.-''''', PJ was drugged in that moment probably lolol. The music is nobody's fault and is just my personal opinion.

As for the rest I was pleased, good pacing... boring Goblin Town trimmed, love triangle gone as much as possible, boring Lake town trimmed, etc, etc.
I have to finish Part II before i write you another comment. I praise all fan editors for their work and dedication, I'm a curious of sort in that department too =) Keep up the good work.

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