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Overview - As kids, my brother and I used to buy 8mm reels of movies. They never had sound, so we put on a movie soundtrack and hoped for the best.
Seeing this reminded me of that time, except Scribe’s selected score is superior.

Video - 712 X 528p AVC. First off, this is a very sharp print. (The file itself is a smallish 582 MB mkv) Thank you for not “damaging” this to make it appear old. The editing is excellent, sticking to the essentials of the story, never losing the thread, keeping the tempo cruising along.
If you opt to revise this at one point, please consider tinting. Green for water scenes, blue for night or cave sequences. Spot tinting for fires or lamps.

Audio - 320 kbps (best guess, using Spek) AAC. 2 Channel stereo. No subs, but Inter-titles, yes! The Inter-titles stayed onscreen long enough to digest, and the font was large and quite readable. Good job! I hate to say this, I found the sound range too dynamic. Quiet to the point of “eh, what?” followed by blaring. I think this would have been well served with compression. Barring that, normalization.

Narrative - Distilled to a compact thirty-one minutes, what really impresses is how smooth, how coherent, the edit is. No plotholes, no logic flaws. Perfect episode for an anthology.

Enjoyment - I enjoyed this edit very much. The film itself, not so much. I always viewed the humans as interlopers. The creature is minding his own business, when these air breathers invade his territory, in all likelihood pee in his lagoon, shoot him, cage him, plan to display him like the Fijji mermaid. Jerks.

Thank you for the B movies you seek out, Scribe.

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Owner's reply September 01, 2019

Thank you for the review, Vultural! I must say, I never expected "too dynamic" to be a complaint ;) - This is probably my favourite of my edits: most time and effort required, and most satisfied I've been with the end product. However, I will consider revising it sometime and bear in mind your comments.

I can't believe I never thoughts of tints. That's a great idea, and I'll certainly look into that sometime. I've no idea when I might get around to it though. My ideas for B+ edits are piling up, so I really want to churn em out while they're fresh!

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