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Njvc has taken an ambitious project and tried to fix some of the issues Dark Knight Rises had. I think many agree this movie was trying to tackle too much, but also at the same time there were missed tones. I did not like the fact Bruce Wayne would have retired for 8 years and though I really liked Tom Hardy's performance as Bane and thought Bane was a great character, the character contradicted itself in the sense is a terrorist? Freedom fighter? Then Bane was demoted to common goon (and not mastermind) under Talia's control, a let down for many.

In njvc's edit, the effort and cuts are good. I think there is quite a bit of improvement in the story and the pacing, but ultimately as much as I had hoped for this fan edit would fix the movie (and I was skeptical it could be saved given the reliance on source material), it is due to the source material that the movie could not be saved. I do recommend watching this cut, it is an improvement and the ending is bold, but it is not enough to be the movie we had hoped, wanted, and maybe hoped to deserve? :)

Well done though njvc, I look forward to your next edits! The editor's skills are not in question, the movie is seemless, even changes in dialogue go unnoticed. To the untrained eye, I don't think you can tell this was an edit and I do recommend watching this cut and for the viewer to make their own opinion if this is the movie they really wanted to see. Thanks njvc!

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