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I did watch this many moons back and obviously didn't review it back then. Recently I rewatched The Crow and thought I'd follow up.

Ah...They just don't make films like this anymore. I never hated CoA before, to me, it was seriously stylistic with Tim Pope making a real gothic-noir, almost ethereal experience - but the butchering by Miramax made it a sub-par experience trying to be the same as the first film.

Here, we are done some justice finally. With some appropriate freeze-frames, scoring and on screen titles - we are able to see what was supposed to be. The overall story is fleshed out and the pace is slowed down and we get Pope and David Goyer's vision....a dreamlike quality that was never intended to be anything like the original Crow movie.

This version better develops the Ashe/Sarah relationship and gives us the ending I wanted - I felt the Miramax cut gave us a cheap ending that didn't pan out.

As I mentioned before, sadly, with the advent of CGI and the most OTT action that has permeated cinema - films like this aren't made anymore. Deep, brooding, non-CGI fests with wonderful sets and atmosphere. Utilising paces that are slow and deliberate.

Editwise, this is brilliant stuff. The video is great, with the exception of some low quality scenes that had to come from somewhere and probably had no proper release. I fancied a couple times the audio on a transition went to an unusual silence, but it's nothing to worry about.

Finally a worthy successor to The Crow.

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