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(Updated: August 21, 2016)
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I watched the extended edition of the first Avengers movie and thought the narrative didn't really work.

For this one, it's different. I must first say that the scenes do not change the movie that much, but the little things do add up for a more cohesive movie. The extra character development is welcomed.

I must say that, as usual, samspider seamlessly edits in the new material, and apart from the visible green screen in a Maria Hill scene, and the occasional shaky quality vs the Blu-Ray, it's really really hard to tell when or where it was edited.

As for the movie itself, 6 minutes of screen-time does make a difference, but it's not THAT important. The movie is still good (I am one of those who believe the theatrical is a good movie, very enjoyable), and having more scenes to watch is just better all around.

Thanks for making this samspider, and this should be the definitive version to watch. Any thoughts about filling the green screen scenes with something? It would improve this edit and make it an absolute must-watch in my opinion. Still, great work, thanks!


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