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TV to movie fanedits are extremely difficult to do well, and I'm pleased to report that I really enjoyed this edit. There are many fantastic achievements in this ambitious edit, first and foremost there is a strong throughline narrative, and Kerr has achieved the 3-act structure he intended to. Restructuring the narrative of the series to focus on Brutus and the main players was also very well handled, especially because these characters were not the main focus of the original series.

For the majority of the edit, The Assassination of Julius Caesar does feel alot like a stage play - Most of the major action beats happen off screen. At times this was frustrating, when you have to take a moment to catch up on what's going on as the characters describe something extremely significant that has happened off screen. But thankfully, there is payoff in the finale, and the largescale battle feels appropriately epic, given the restraint shown earlier in the edit.

One unavoidable problem is that in making Brutus the central character, much of the dramatic weight rests on his shoulders, and unfortunately he is not as strong an actor as some of the other characters. In fact, overall the show has an overacted feel to it, more prominent perhaps when edited into movie form. Ultimately, this is not a major problem, as it makes the film feel more closely associated with a stage play - and given the lack of action beats for the majority of its running time, this feels quite natural and intentional.

Technically, this was a very professional production. Kerr stated that this was an "experiment in editing". I'm pleased to report it was a successful one. 9/10
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