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I watched the version with the ACDC songs inserted first mainly out of curiosity for where you placed them throughout the edit than watched the version without them as I generally prefer the films OST not that I have anything against ACDC and their music as I listen to some of there songs from time to time though I am glad there’s alternate viewing options for viewers and reviewers such as myself as it not only provides more variety in viewing but also in music taste which like comedy is subjective from person to person and group to group.

I like the way you designed and animated the Resistance Cut text as it’s manner of speed and presentation gels well with the looming and systematic threat of the Terminator itself and also symbolises how the tension will continue to fluctuate and rise throughout the edit.

Sound usage and layering is superb throughout and although I can tell you’ve replaced and mixed the new SFX with that of the films natural noises based on my memory of watching the theatrical cut, said sound effects feel natural to that of the films and the very placement of these sounds shows that you have a good eye for detail in sound design. Speaking of detail the theatrical scenes look smooth and nicely defined however there are some visual inconsistencies between the deleted scenes and the theatrical scenes as some of the deleted scenes are a little on the blurry side.

Not only that but the padding between the deleted and theatrical scenes (the black bars surrounding the footage) are a little inconsistent visually as there proportions don’t quite align with each other otherwise in terms of the deleted scenes narrative value they are very well integrated into the story as they not only improve pacing but give a good estimation as to where everyone is during the whole thing especially during the first car chase scene though my personal favourites have to be the ones between Sarah and Kyle due to there buildup and foreshadowing along with the insight and relationship building between said characters.

Any other potential sound or visual problems have already been pointed out by someone else so rather than parrot what they have said I will say that In conclusion I would consider this a near perfect extended edition of the first Terminator Film.

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