Terminator Salvation Archives, The

Terminator Salvation Archives, The
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Brief Synopsis:
This 5-disc set collects a plethora of material surrounding the promotion of the fourth Terminator film.
To preserve and offer fans what the major studios don't on official releases.
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Disc 1 Contents:

Bryce Dallas Howard - Craig Ferguson (05/11/09)
Christian Bale - Good Morning America (05/18/09)
McG - Carson Daly (05/19/09)
McG - The Early Show (05/20/09)
Common - Tavis Smiley (05/20/09)
Bryce Dallas Howard - Jimmy Fallon (05/20/09)
Common - Jimmy Kimmel (05/21/09)
Common - Bonnie Hunt (05/22/09)
Anton Yelchin - Jimmy Kimmel (05/22/09)
Moon Bloodgood - Craig Ferguson (05/26/09)

WonderCon 2009 Panel

Disc 2 Contents:

G4 special (05/13/09)
Innerspace: Behind The Scenes (05/14/09)
Easter Egg


German tv special (.wmv)
HBO First Look special (.wmv)
4 official screensavers

Disc 3 Contents:

The Making Of Terminator Salvation (RTE TWO)
Terminator Salvation Movie Special (Five)
Terminator Salvation Special (35mm)
E! Behind The Scenes

Disc 4 Contents:

Various Online Interviews by
- Chuck The Movie Guy
- E-Asylum
- Omelete

Christian Bale Interview from Japan
Hollyscoop.com at the premiere
Skynet Infomercial


KillerReviews.com interview with Visual Effects Supervisor Charles Gibson

Disc 5 Contents:

Domestic and International Trailers
Domestic and International TV Spots
Domestic and International TV Clips
International TV Commercials
Special Thanks:
To AvP for the menu art, and to tonecapone for the specials found on the third disc.
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Special Features
NOTE: 5 Discs
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Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
Size: 3.96 GB’s

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Video Format: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720×480/16:9 & 4:3/NTSC
Audio Format: Dolby Digital 2.0
Size: 3.7 GB’s

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