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I've always struggled to love the first Terminator for some reason. Partly because I knew and loved T2 first and I think I lament the low budget feel of the first movie. It's amazing what they pulled off at the time with the money they had, but I'll always wish it was more on the level of T2. Classic handmade, low budget vibes work great for horror, but I guess I want my sci-fi to feel sleeker and cleaner.

So krausfadr has gone a long way toward making this into something I enjoy more. His edit seamlessly integrates the improved effects and it really raises the movie in my esteem. Definitely my go-to version, and a much better setup for T2. His color correction is also much appreciated, though the teal and blue are still more present than I hoped. I guess Cameron really BLUE this movie up with the remaster.

With the visuals so marvelously updated, I did find myself wishing for a version of the score to match. I know a lot can be done with MIDI orchestra these days and I think a soundtrack that's on par with visuals would really take this to the next level. But that wasn't part of krausfadr's intentions with the edit, so I won't hold it against him.

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