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FanFix May 10, 2023 2026
(Updated: November 11, 2023)
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Holy ****, this movie is amazing. Seriously. Everything that’s ever bothered me about Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines has been cut out of this fanedit, and it actually works as a cohesive film, even with 19 minutes missing. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, and dark as ****.

Most of the bad dialogue, bad acting, and forced romance has been miraculously excised. Not only that, but all mentions of fate and inevitability have been omitted, which makes this film more thematically consistent with Terminator 2. With this version, I get the impression that the heroes could have stopped Judgment Day. They just didn’t. They weren’t destined to fail. They just failed.

Also, the plot point of the T-X being responsible for the computer virus makes so much sense. She can control machines! Of course she’s the one who started the virus. And then you get this cool predestination paradox where she creates her own creator when she controls Skynet with a virus that was probably designed by Skynet’s future self. It’s just like the causality loop in the first movie. I love it.

And my god, the ending is haunting. If I had seen this version in a theater, I would have walked out of there in dead silence. I’m still thinking about it hours later. No silver lining, no sequel bait. It’s just ******* bleak. Of the first three films, this one is now the darkest, rather than the silliest.

Well done, Uncanny Antman and Bailey. You have performed an impossible task. You turned Terminator 3 into a **** good movie.

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Owner's reply November 12, 2023

Wow! Thanks for the great review!

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