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FanFix May 10, 2023 2026
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This will be an extremely short review because my actual review will be at the original editor's page.
Here I'll just briefly comment on the HD part and "yellow" changes.

First of all, I've got to say that I only love the first two terminator movies. All the other sequels were one worse than the other, with the exception of Salvation where they tried to do something different, with a competent director, but they kind of lost their way in the narrative.

This edit did exactly what is says, it brought the Coming Storm to more modern standards. The image was very clear and all the cuts were still seamless.

As for the yellow changes, do be honest I don't mind at all for all the stuff that were left in again or the minor changes in other. My only complaint is that there are three ridiculous scenes with the terminator still in. 1) were Arnie gets stuck on the windshield of the fire track like a cartoon bug with the broken sunglasses, 2) when the female terminator grabs him from his crotch to push him through walls and 3) when Arnold temporarily shuts down after trying to kill John and he is frozen with his legs open, completely unnecessary scene, though very brief.

Other than that, great job at making this excellent edit HD, this will definitely my go-to version for any future Terminator marathons and I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you Bailey for all your hard work and thanks to anyone who read my review!

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Owner's reply August 13, 2023

Hey palandrin! Thanks for the great review!
I recently updated this edit to fix a couple of flash frames, and while I was in there I removed the crotch grab that you mentioned.

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