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FanFix May 10, 2023 2026
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Uncanny Antman’s Terminator 3 The Coming Storm is one of my most beloved FanFixes out there, as well as one the very first fan-edits I came across. For a number of years I’ve been searching online for some version which fixes the only real problem I had with UA’s work; the DVD quality of his edit. And just as I was contemplating on doing some rework myself based on his blueprint, Bailey came to the rescue.

The B-Movie Cut is an almost shot-for-shot recreation of UA’s original work, delivering everything that it promises. On a technical level, the editing is nearly impeccable and I could only spot a few minor issues; there’s a split screen visible when the male stripper throws his glove onto T-850’s face, a small frames issue just as John is about tο start the truck outside the vet shop (his hand does not move naturally) and some sound glitch when the alarm goes off in the nuclear bunker. The last one being the most obvious, I wouldn’t have noticed any of the rest had I not been such a big fan of the original edit.

Some little changes compared to the original were also present here and there, either because the editor was not as comfortable with vfx modifications as UA –which is more than understandable- or because Bailey thought it would serve this edit better. Of all these little changes, I particularly loved the extended ending montage, using some Genisys footage (and, oh boy, I deeply hate Genisys). This gave a more personal touch to Judgment Day, as soldiers are running in panic and that little boy is watching the missiles launching to humanity’s end from the plane window. I will confess in all honesty that I would have preferred the fewer T-850 quips of the original edit and especially the omission of that fiendish “Dat Funky Man” music in the gas station, but that was not enough to spoil my entertainment.

All in all, a great HD remake of a great edit that will make a fine addition to my collection.

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Owner's reply August 13, 2023

Hi panexis! Thanks for the great review!
I recently updated this edit to fix the issues that you mentioned. I removed a couple flash frames that I missed and fixed that alarm. I can't believe I missed that!
I'm glad you liked the little bit of Genisys that I put in there. Your description is exactly why I put it in there. Oh, and I also deeply hate Genisys.

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