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Well the final(?) episode in this series. Quite the way to cap it all off. WHat? Oh I'm sorry.....Ahem. Truly enjoyable as are all the other episodes. With the "cold open" and the Streets of San Francisco theme I half expected to see Karl Malden running around somewhere. All keeping the style of the original movie. And I have to laugh watching both Jackson and Travolta trying to look tough while putting guns in their beach Jamms. As I say I don't do techie reviews, but just from a fan point of view. This as with all the other episodes it kept my attention and there were still enough WTF moments. And one thing I personally like about Tarantino movies , since I live in Los Angeles I do recognize many locations and just kinda go "cool". But on my popcorn scale I will give this episode a 6 out of 5. And as for an overall for the entire "series". The popcorn rating I would give it, I'd get sick eating that much popcorn. I thank the Red Apple Crew for some excellent work. And I look forward to what their next project might be.

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