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As this is the first episode it sets the table for the rest of the series firstly I'd like to point out how much I enjoyed the key opening scene transitioning into the opening credits (a trend that would continue through the next 3 episodes that I've watched to date). The opening credits were put together very well making it feel like a a series and not so much of an individual standalone edit so mission accomplished right out of the gates.

Getting this down to an hour isn't as daunting as some of the other edits as this his first feature came in just over 1hr and 30mins but in many ways that may have made the selection of cuts even more important because there is less to play with.... regardless I really enjoyed the experience of watching this... I enjoyed the restructuring of some key scenes and some of the musical changes really fit into the new watching experience. Without giving too many details away the use of black and white in one key scene really made it feel even more like a Tarantino flick as that is a technique he has utilized in some of his other films - to be honest I actually paused the movie to verify that wasn't part of the original film as it felt so right that I second guessed that it wasn't part of the original movie even though I was 99% sure the original scene was in color... great transition work from B&W to Color and back again during that scene..

There was one sound point that stuck out to me and I should have noted where it occurred but besides that absolutely fantastic job FrameSniffer

Great start to what I suspect with be a great "series" to watch

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