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This was a refreshing Superman fan edit. So many attempt to either combine SI and SII into a single epic or blend the best of the Lester/Donner cuts into a coherent narrative but Ed's edit takes a different track. He keeps the focus on the original masterpiece and cuts it into a more tightly and faster paced adventure.

Gone are the Kryptonian villains and any set-up for a sequel. And this works wonderfully and in my opinion, makes the relationship between Jor-el and his son even more intimate.

The story moves swiftly and the majority of the cuts are perfectly executed. So much so you don't realized many iconic moments are completely gone until their scenes are well past. This is a testament to both Ed's smart storytelling skills and the strength of the original material. I enjoyed many of the little cuts, particularly any scene with Clark transforming into costume, because even as a little kid I could not figure out how Superman did it? He is SUPER not Magic...LOL! One of the biggest cuts is the two missile reprogramming scenes and they are not missed in the slightest. The way Ed has recut it, it is perfectly clear to the audience that Lex is behind the missile malfunctions -- BRAVO on this!

I had only very minor nitpicks..... I thought for pacing reasons there should have been a scene between Clark arriving at the Planet and the mugger's scene. It is still well cut but it felt just a wee bit too soon to me. Also, in this cut there is no Death of Lois, so there is no real payoff to her being in false jeopardy or Superman's clearly relieved express when he finds her..... but this has more to do with the source material than Ed's editing ability. I think he did a fantastic job with the entire sequence and injected some freshness to this well known tale.

A very clean and technically solid edit that kept me entertained. A very nice alternative version which I happily recommend to all Superman fans.


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Owner's reply May 12, 2014

Hey buddy, thank you for your help throughout this edit. I remember us talking about that ending part after the cut of the turning back the world and how Lois and Superman looked at each other so longingly. I like to think that since that whole Lois dying part didn't happen, it could be looked as Superman, after everything that had just happened, just needed to see her. Those costume changes were disappointing! My favorite costume change from the Reeve films was in SII in the alleyway. Yes, I also agree that the scene does feel a little rushed going from the Daily Planet arrival right into the mugging, but it wasn't too jarring, so I figured I'd leave it as is. Less Lex felt like certainly more evil Lex!

Thank you very much for your help and taking the time to review this edit!

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