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I have watched Son of Jor el and thought that that movie was the best edit of 2 Superman movies in one that exists, it was true until this edit appeared.

I was very curious on how this edit mashed up the two. I always hated the time traveling part of it. I found it ridiculous, sure it might exist is the comics but it doesn't really work in a movie, it causes errors. But the way that it was done in this edit is brilliant, it got me very excited as it was happening. The way that the villains arrived thanks to Lex and Superman was amazingly done. The issue though is the Jimmy olson continuation error. He randomly appears with Lois the second time. His appearance should have been cut . It bothers me.

I really enjoyed this edit. I would have also liked to see the jerk truck driver in this. I always liked Clark standing up to him. I'm waiting for the second edit to finish downloading. Hopefully it will be as entertaining and well edited as this one is. A+, thumbs up. Very good job.

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Owner's reply April 30, 2014

Thanks bbib7... good to hear it provided a new look at an old story for you. I know what you mean about the Jimmy scene. I felt I had to keep the scene just for Supe and Lois kissing, because their romance is explored in my next installment (and the truck driver!) So, what I did was remove Jimmy's references to the earthquake as he is running toward them. He now just says "you dropped me in the middle of no where" without saying "during an earthquake." Doesn't solve it completely but at least there was definitely no earthquake the second time around. Thanks heaps for your review though and I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it.

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